How much does it cost?

Small repairs can start anywhere from €10 per hour with more extensive and delicate refurbishments reach upwards of €100 per hour. Each Extender set's their own hourly rate for their speciality.

Request a no strings attached quote.


What can be extended?

Clothing and accessories
Anything that you own that goes on or around your body has the potential to be extended! Think stained t-shirts, ripped jeans and a dress that is a little too long or your scarf with the wool coming apart.

Furniture and household

That old rickety table you can't get to sit straight, the sofa with the worn out upholstery or that Cesca chair with the worn out cane seat.

Everything else

An old gold ring that has been lying around, your favourite book that has come from its covers or a big crack in your favourite bowl.

All of these and more can be extended. We are making it our mission to try and match any product with the perfect specialist.

I you have something out of the ordinary please make a Request and we will try connect you to your perfect match.


What if I am unhappy with my extension?

Depending on what was agreed upon in the quotation, we do our best to make alterations to make sure the extension is up to the right standard and work with you to make sure corrections are managed.


Hey, I have a skill can I extend?

Yes! We are looking to connect to creators, craftspeople, makers repair specialist. Have a super niche skill? We want to here from you!


Who is my extender?

Keep an eye out for our Extender Profiles launching soon! Here you will see the specialities, price per hour and location of each of NeedThats highly skilled extenders.